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Vestige Marketing Plan/Vestige Business Plan

When joining Vestige, it's preferable for you to know the Vestige Marketing Plan. This Vestige Plan assures you higher earnings, higher growth, more achievements, and overall a great career.

Today, we will let you know the Vestige Marketing Plan in full detail, so that, you know the great features & benefits, different types of income, and types of funds you will achieve and have a rewarding career, that only Vestige can offer.

Vestige Marketing Plan is transparent, systematic, and easy to understand. But if you still have any questions then you can ask them in the comments box below or

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The Vestige Plan is designed to provide a level playing field and an equal opportunity for everyone associated with Vestige. It ensures that you are rewarded and earn in accordance with the hard work you do and the efforts you put.

In a traditional job, you get a fixed salary even after working long hours, but with Vestige, you earn more for the same extra hard work!

You get various incomes and benefits like Director and Leadership Bonuses, Pool Income, Travel Fund, Car Fund, and House Fund! This income you earn increases further when your Downline's performance is combined and therefore its highly beneficial for you to create more leaders under you.

Vestige offers very high income and rewarding bonuses for your untiring efforts in growing your Vestige Business.

Vestige Marketing Plan is an Accumulative Plan, where you never slide down from your existing level and keep on ascending higher and higher on your journey to success and true economic freedom! Can any job offer this to you?

Vestige Business Plan: The Best Plan In The Industry

1. Cumulative Plan

Vestige Business Plan is a cumulative plan where you never drop down from your current level! You just keep on growing by achieving new higher levels. This means whatever hard work and efforts you have put in earlier are always counted in bonus calculations forever!

2. Only Promotions, No Demotions

In traditional jobs after promotions, you can also get demotions. In Vestige, you are only promoted to higher levels and you never get demoted from your current level.

3. Never Reaches Zero

You never reach back to where you started from.

4. No Requalification

Once you have qualified to a certain level, you never have to requalify again. You just have to achieve it once and you stay at that level forever.

5. Director Bonus Compresses Downward

The Director Bonus you earn compresses downward which benefits your earnings.

6. Leadership Overriding Bonus Rollup

A rollup applies to the leadership bonus you earn which benefits your earnings.

7. No Renewal Is Required

You don't have to renew your levels or anything. Even if you leave now and later rejoin Vestige, you start at the same level you had achieved earlier! You don't have to start all over again.

8. Engineered To Make You Wealthy

Vestige Business Plan has been designed and engineered in such a way that it is bound to make you wealthy! There is no doubt why people are making huge money with Vestige!

Newly Updated Vestige Business Plan During Covid-19 Pandemic:

On 2nd June 2020, Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd successfully completed 16 years of its glorious journey.

On this 16th Anniversary Managing Director Mr. Gautam Bali introduced a few changes and modifications in the ongoing Vestige Business Plan and updated it to Vestige Atmanirbhar Success Plan. Here Atmanirbhar means being "Self-Reliant".

It's the same old Vestige Plan which is made even more easier for you to climb the ladder of success!

Introducing: Vestige Atmanirbhar Success Plan

The world is going through a turmoil due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Major economies around the world are worst affected by job losses and businesses shutting down. This is going to have a long-lasting impact and Governments around the world are trying to deal with this, by doing their best to reboot the economy.

On these same lines, The Honorable Prime Minister of India - Mr. Narendra Modi has launched the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Initiative and urged the people of India to be Aatmnirbhar i.e Self-Reliant

Vestige has always been at the forefront of social causes and believes in empowering its Distributors with the opportunity to lead their lives on their own terms. Distributors are the most important part of Vestige and Vestige has continued to enrich the lives of its Distributors with the motto of Spreading Wellth, i.e. Spreading Wealth Through Wellness.

So Vestige has come up with the Atmanirbhar Success Plan to help out its distributors to achieve higher income and levels, in these tough times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vestige Business Plan has always been the best and most profitable plan in the industry! And with the introduction of the Vestige Atmanirbhar Success Plan, this has become even better!

Benefits of The Vestige Atmanirbhar Success Plan

• You can now earn 9 types of income instead of 7 types of income in the old plan

• You can now achieve the first level of Bronze Director by doing half the work you did in the old plan!

• You can now earn a 4% Bronze Director Bonus.

• Travel Fund Has Been Increased From 3% to 5%

• Leadership Overriding Bonus have been increased from 15% to 16%

Elite Club Bonus of 2% for Double Crown Directors and Double Universal Crown directors

9 Types Of Income With Vestige Atmanirbhar Plan:

1. Savings On Consumption: 10 - 20%

2. Performance Bonus 5 -11%

3. Bronze Director Bonus: 4%

4. Business Building Bonus: 14% (Silver Directors & Above)

5. Leadership Overriding Bonus - 16%

6. Travel Fund -5%

7. Car Fund - 5%

8. House Fund - 3%

9. Elite Club Bonus: 2% (DCD and DUCD)

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