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Here we will show you how to conduct your day to day business at Vestige, which can earn you actual inflation beating passive income!

The business you will be conducting at Vestige is called Network Marketing Business or Direct Selling Business. It's the oldest and the most popular form of doing business and is a business of the 21st Century that has created the maximum number of millionaires!

It's an Open For All business so you don't need any experience or qualification or special skills to join!

You can start with ZERO INVESTMENT and can earn an Inflation Beating Passive Income - which you keep on earning while you are on a long holiday and keeps on getting paid to your Nominee/Beneficiary every month even after your death!

You can choose to work offline or online from home or a mix of both. You get the total freedom to choose your style and hours of work and you can work along with your current job occupation!

Running your Vestige business is super easy! You have to do the same thing that you have been doing for all these years - nothing new!

1. Change Your Store

Every individual in this world has to buy essential daily use items for his household every month.

Every month once you get your salary:

• You make a list of products you need in your household

• Visit a store, shopping mall, or neighborhood shop

• Look through each product carefully for Price, Weight, Discounts offered, Buy 1 Get 1 Free or Complimentary Gift offers and/or Reward Points

• Gather these products & stand in long ques

• Finally, pay for these products and bring them home

Whether you like it or not, its a routine task you have to perform every month! The list of the products you have to buy each month is endless.

Few Of These Products Are:

Groceries:- Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Salt, Cooking Oil, etc

Daily Use Essentials:


Body wash

Hand wash

Shaving Gel or Shaving Cream



Hair Conditioner


Laundry Detergent

Floor Cleaner

Dish Washing Liquid Toilet Cleaner

Hair Oil

Face Wash

Deodorants Perfume

Skin Creams - Sun Defense Creams, Moisturizer, Fairness Cream, Anti Ageing Cream, etc

Now, Think About This Carefully:

You have been buying these products from a particular store, for many years. You also talk about some of these products that how you like them for their taste, quality, usefulness or some other benefit.

You have been spending a considerable amount of money every month to purchase these products/brands from this store, for God knows how many years! Did you get anything in return for your loyalty? - Nothing!

On the contrary, store owners or the brand owners of these products kept on growing bigger and richer, because of your spending!

If you calculate the total of the money you have spent on these products/brands in the last 10 years, you will find it so high that with this amount you can

• Buy a Car

• Have a Holiday Abroad

• Start a Business

• Fulfill One Of Your Lifelong Wish or a Dream

You might think that this is an inevitable monthly expense and in no way, it can be spent elsewhere! We totally agree with on this.

But Hang On!

What if you can achieve all these (and much more) by changing your store and doing your monthly shopping from Vestige???

Let me explain it to you.

In a traditional business, the company cost to manufacture a product is 40% but then the product passes through various middlemen (National Agent, Wholesaler, Sales Force, Advertising & Retailers) before it reaches You - The Consumer. These middlemen take away a huge 60% (even higher than the manufacturing cost) and you pay 100% product price as you are the end user.

But in Vestige business, when you shop from Vestige, there is no middleman involved!!!

You - The Consumer are made the Distributor and you buy the products directly from the Manufacturer i.e Vestige. So the same 60% normally taken away by the middleman is now earned by you! This is the well known Direct Selling Business Model you will benefit from at Vestige.

You will do the same thing you have been doing all these years - SHOPPING - nothing different at all. It's just that instead of your regular store, you will now buy all your monthly household essentials from a Vestige Store or Online from Vestige. You will be rewarded generously and in various different ways for this same monotonous task, you have been performing all these years!

Till now, this was a monthly EXPENSE from your earnings, but now this expense will fetch your monthly EARNINGS and that too REAL HIGH EARNINGS you can't even think of!

You will get all the products you use on a regular basis from Vestige.

These Vestige Products:

Are the Highest Quality, WHO GMP Certified products along with other International certifications like USFDA, JHFA, HDSA, Kosher & Halal, etc. (See More)

Are Natural, Organic and Have No Harmful Side Effects

• Come with a Proper Receipt/Bill

• Come with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Your Benefits as Consumer:

• You get 10 to 20% Discount on all Vestige products

• You get Free Products worth 10% of your purchase amount every month.

• You get 5 To 11% Commission/Cashback on the products you purchase. This is deposited in your bank account each month!

Consistency Offer - When you buy products of 100 PV* (Rs. 3300 Approx.) each month for 4 consecutive months you will get FREE products worth Rs.2500 in the 5th month. So if your monthly household expenditure in buying these products is around Rs.3000 then you get two months' worth of free shopping in 12 months!

*The requirement of minimum PV in the Consistency Offer will be different depending on the country you live in.

2. Tell Others

Example 1

You talk about a movie you really enjoyed and your friend goes and watches that movie. The movie becomes a huge success due to such word of mouth publicity and makes millions. Did you get anything in return for your recommendation? – NO

Example 2

You really like the food and the atmosphere of a hotel/restaurant. You excitedly recommend this place to your friends, family, or colleagues, asking them to try out this place. They visit this place, experience the same and thank your recommendation, and spread the you for word further. The hotel/restaurant owner is happy with these recommendations as he is getting more customers/business. Did you get anything in return? - NO

Example 3

You ordered a newly launched Smartphone from an online platform. After using it for a few days, you happily give a positive review of the great features & benefits of this new phone. Unknown people read your review online and purchase this Smartphone. What did you get in return for your recommendation? –Nothing

We live in a world of reviews, feedback, opinions, and suggestions. Most people prefer to use products and services based on someone's recommendations as they want some sort of assurance before using a new product or service to avoid any hassles or nasty experiences later!

Above 3 scenarios are classic examples of advertising and word of mouth publicity that you do for a company's product or services, knowingly or unknowingly. A well known personality or a celebrity would charge a bomb for doing this same thing!

So why don't you be the brand ambassador of Vestige, talk about high quality Vestige Products to others and get paid the same huge amount instead of a celebrity! Makes sense, isn't it?

All you have to ask them is to change their store to Vestige and tell others to do so - the same as you did! There are several online & offline ways you can do this.

Soon you will build a huge network of such like-minded people under you, and earn a High, Inflation Beating Passive Income as you get rewarded for the monthly shopping of all the people under your network!

Its the power of duplication, complemented by the highly rewarding Vestige Business Plan which will increase your earnings through multiplication!

Please go through our post - Work Online From Home At Vestige where you will get to know how you can grow your Vestige business network globally by leveraging the power of the internet.

3. Rinse & Repeat

You don't have to physically sell Vestige Products to others.

You just have to share the overall idea, and ask others to change their store & follow the same ritual by asking more people to do so, by showing them:

• The wide range of products offered by Vestige, which includes all essential and daily use products.

• The Quality, Features, Benefits & Affordability of Vestige products

• The Highly Rewarding Vestige Business Plan (9 types of income including Car Fund, Travel Fund & House Fund)

• The opportunity to earn a huge, passive income which guarantees a higher than average standard of living, and which gets paid to their Nominee/Beneficiary even after their death!

• Real Success Stories of People Associated With Vestige

You won't be doing this all alone as you will be a part of a team of like-minded individuals who will be working together as a team!. You can also work online from home at Vestige

We will provide you all the Training, Coaching, Help & Support to grow and build your Vestige business with complete strangers countrywide and globally!

You Can Start with ZERO Investment and The Minimum Guarantee is that You Won't Make Any Loss!

So what are you waiting for?

For more information see our - Vestige FAQS. or

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We are more than happy to help and see you succeed. Because if you succeed then we succeed, simple!

Also, share this post with everyone you know on your favorite social media platforms like Facebook, What's App, Instagram and Pinterest etc. We are sure they will be the first ones to join under your network. You will get started before you even know! But first, make sure you Join Vestige so that we can put them under your Distributor ID. Looking forward to work with you at Vestige.

Wish You Wellth

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