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Today, we are going to show you a few steps and strategies which you need to put into practice in order to be successful at Vestige.

Be a Regular User of Vestige Products

Vestige Products are High Quality, Natural, Organic products without any harmful side effects. The immense growth of Vestige and its Distributors around the world is a result of the high quality and benefits of Vestige products.

So, be a regular user of Vestige products before talking about them with others. We believe it's important that you first use and experience the quality, usefulness, and benefits of the Vestige products yourselves and then recommend others to purchase the same daily use products from Vestige. Your trust in the quality of Vestige products will be the most important driving force you will need to grow your business at Vestige.

Secondly, by using Vestige products regularly you are in fact building your own business as you will earn PV - Point Value. The more PV you and your downline do in a month, the more will be your pay cheque for that particular month. The number of PV also helps you achieve higher levels of promotion at Vestige.

Finally, by being a regular user of Vestige Products you will get to know about the huge variety of products offered at Vestige, their names and, the associated benefits etc. You will need this knowledge to conduct your day to day business and answer your downline team's questions.

The best way to regularly use Vestige products is to go for the CONSISTENCY OFFER which is launched every month at Vestige. In this offer, you will get amazing discounts (40 to 50%) and even FREE products for doing consistent shopping at Vestige.

To know more about the quality of products visit - Vestige Products

Share the Products

The second step is to share Vestige products.

This is not just limited to sharing Vestige products physically but also involves:

• Talking about Vestige products and that they are the same daily use products that every person uses each day.

• Showing the Vestige products to everyone you know when you meet them in person.

• Talking about Vestige products and sharing the product related knowledge on the phone or online or any other means.

• Try to share a few products to give them an exact feel of the quality, usefulness, and benefits.

• Highlighting the fact that how the usage of Vestige products has benefited you and/or your family and how it can benefit them too.

Invite/Tell Others

Once you have shared the Vestige products, its time for you to invite or visit them for more information related to Vestige.

Be Honest

Vestige Business Model is a genuine business model that has transformed many lives. Building a high paying business that lasts for generations takes some time.

Remember - Rome Was Not Built in a Day!

Successful people at Vestige have worked hard and smart, with patience and planning, without losing their focus. They have withstood all the ridicule, opposition, negativity and stood the test of time to achieve their massive success. These are the same qualities you need to achieve success in any field of work.

So please don't commit the same mistake which others do. Don't advertise Vestige as a Get Rich Quick Scheme or Lottery. People out there are looking for a legit business opportunity that can make a real difference in their lives. Vestige is indeed that opportunity.

Vestige Company Profile, Awards Recognitions Vestige has received, Number of Vestige Distributors Worldwide, Vestige Business Plan, Success Stories at Vestige and the Quality of Vestige products - all this in itself is a standing testimony in itself and proves the potential of Vestige Business Opportunity. You just have to show all of these by adding your personal touch and that's it!

Show the Plan

The next step is to show the Vestige Business Plan. Vestige plan is the best and the most rewarding plan in the industry where one can earn 9 different types of income including Travel Fund, Car Fund, and House Fund. The plan is transparent, systematic, easy to understand, and is engineered to make you wealthy.

You can highlight the huge earning potential offered by the Vestige Business Plan to your prospects by matching their financial goals and aspirations with the plan and that how these aspirations are more than achievable with Vestige. You can also show them the various success stories of people coming from humble backgrounds and that how they have made it big at Vestige.

Follow Up, Help & Guide

Then comes an important step of following up on your prospects. You can call them or visit them to know their thoughts on the Vestige business opportunity. You can help them by answering any other questions or queries they may have. If not, then you should straightaway ask them to register as a Vestige distributor and start building their Vestige business! They can start with ZERO investment and the minimum guarantee is that they won't make any loss! So it's a complete no brainer.

This is the best way for them to fully explore the Vestige Business Opportunity firsthand.

Work Together as a Team

So that now your prospects have registered as Vestige Distributors, it's time for all of you to work as a team. Working together as a team involves

Brief your team on things to do after registering as a Vestige Distributor (See FAQ's)

Help your team with the usual questions they come across while conducting their daily Vestige business. You can also take them for a visit to the nearest Vestige store for their first shopping or showing them how to do this shopping online at Vestige.

Set up initial goals for your team of the number of PV they need to achieve and get them ready to take action to achieve these through a time bound plan and strategy. Review their progress at the start of the month, in the midst of the month and 10 days before the month closing date.

Be in constant communication with your team members and develop a vibrant culture of constant motivation, positivity, self-discipline, focus, knowledge sharing, and healthy communication within the team members. Be as creative and innovative as you can by using different means to do this.

For eg. You can create a What's App group of your team members to share all the Knowledge, Tips, Strategies, Offers, Live Updates, New Product Launches, Success Stories, etc.

Monitor the performance of each team member and find out if they are facing any doubts or cautions and provide them the necessary help and solutions. For any questions, consult your upline and pass on the solutions to your team. This is how you and your team will learn the fine details of the day to day business operations at Vestige and will create true leaders within your team. This is highly encouraged at Vestige.

Attend All Trainings Regularly

Regular trainings are organized by Vestige in all the countries Vestige operates in to help its Distributors grow their business. There are different types of trainings for every aspect of conducting your daily business at Vestige. You can attend these trainings online from the comfort of your home through a smart phone or laptop. You can even work online from home at Vestige!

These trainings are very important for you to be successful and earn a truly high paying passive income. In every training, you will always learn something new like useful tips, new strategies, innovative ideas to conduct your daily business, and much more. These trainings are highly resourceful and they will keep you constantly motivated, focused, and excited to build and expand your Vestige business.

So if you want to achieve real success, earn a really high passive income and create your own success story, then make sure you and your downline attend these trainings without fail. This is the most effective step that highly increases the chances of your success.

Be a Leader, Be Self Independent & Help Others

Be a Leader, Be Self Independent & Help others- These are the 3 important attributes displayed by successful people, not just at Vestige but in any field of work. For this, you first need to get an in-depth knowledge of each and every aspect of conducting Vestige business. Then bring out the true leader in you and help your downline team whenever they are stuck. This will help their business grow which means your Vestige business grows automatically.

Co-ordination and Communication with Effective Your Upline

There is lots of information like business updates, monthly offers, new product launches, your own queries, and questions, etc. which you will need to successfully conduct your day to day business at Vestige. You need to have this information from your Upline and pass it on to your Downline on a daily basis to guarantee your success.

So it's very important for you to be in constant communication with your Upline to get instant help and solutions and to be focused and motivated constantly. Your Upline is the most important, effective, and instant source of information for you without which you can't succeed at Vestige.

Even when you start building your downline network of Distributors you will need your Upline so that you can consult them and pass on important information to your downline.

So make sure you effectively co-ordinate and communicate between with your Upline as well as Downline. The more you communicate, the more will be your success ratio.

Be Self Disciplined, Motivated and Manage Your Time Wisely

"Even if you're on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there"

The only person that can stop you from achieving success at Vestige is - YOU.

So it's very important that you are self disciplined and manage your time wisely by sticking to a well-devised plan of action and sticking to it. This is a self-employed business opportunity that can make you a fortune!

Those who fail are the ones who don't plan and therefore are not self-disciplined. This is even more important if you are working at Vestige along with a current job, business, or studies. This is the most important step to ensure your success at Vestige.

Remember - Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail


Following all these steps is far easier than you think and once you start working at Vestige this will become second nature. So don't be overwhelmed.

Also, you can follow all the above steps in any order you like depending upon the prospect. For eg. You can highlight the business aspect of Vestige by showing the Vestige business plan to a prospect who is looking for a career opportunity. Alternatively, for someone who is health conscious, you can show the great health benefits offered by Vestige products. Just follow these steps in any order you like by adding your own unique style or personal touch.

Remember, we are always to help you out and give you a helping hand as we will be working together as a team and you will never be left on your own. It's because if you succeed then we succeed, simple!

So that now you know all the steps to be successful at Vestige and earn a high inflation beating passive income, its time for you to take action and join Vestige.

You Can Start with ZERO Investment and The Minimum Guarantee is that You Won't Make Any Loss!

So what are you waiting for?

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Looking forward to work with you at Vestige.

Wish You Wellth

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